Certification requirement:

Peer support certification entails the successful completion of 25 hours of core course material. For those needing or wanting additional hours of training, there are many more specialized and advanced courses that can be taken.
Peer Support Teams across the country have proven to be invaluable assets to their organizations. A well-trained and supervised team can act as the first line of defense by providing support, assistance, and applicable resources to peers in need. Cordico has set the standard for peer support training by reviewing best practices, guidelines, and evidence-based research on peer support team efficacy.

Annual Membership

(Best value)

2023 special 50%-off discount

$499 $249.50

  • Annual Access to Peer Support Certification

  • Access to Basic & Advanced Coursework

  • Peer Support Toolkit Access: valuable documents for starting your team, policy examples, waivers, tracking tool, and member selection tools

  • Earn Training Certificates Upon Course Completion

  • Access to Cordico Online Courses & Clinical Tools

  • Advanced Peer Support Training and Consultation Through Webinars

Course Access Pass

(Entry-level package)

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$99 $49.50

  • 30-Day Access Pass to Peer Support Certification ONLY

  • Earn Training Certificates Upon Course Completion

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